Linden Regatta organisers praised for successful event

As the activities continue for the cricket carnival, patrons turned out in their numbers for the Linden Regatta at Blue Lake, Linden, Region 10, on Sunday.

The committee was applauded by patrons, who stated that the activities were strategic and well-promoted.

An aerial view of the Linden Regatta

Many lauded the event as the perfect opportunity to showcase Linden as a tourist destination, particularly during the hosting of the CPL cricket matches here. 

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Kamrul Baksh highlighted that the regatta event will boost the region’s tourism sector. Baksh described the event as ‘very well organised.’

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Kamrul Baksh

“We could see that consciously that the Ministries of tourism and culture, of course, with the cricket carnival, we expect to have events across the country which have been pretty successful, so far,” GTA director underscored.  

Proprietor of the Arrowpoint Nature Resort, Captain Gerry Gouveia said, “when I came here today, I was absolutely blown away…This is going to make a tremendous impact on tourism in Guyana. And I hope the people appreciate and understand what is happening here. This will cause your hotels and the restaurants to be filled every day and especially on the weekends”. 

Clint Gonsalves

Powerboat racer, Clint Gonsalves stated that the event was well-organised, noting that once hosted in the town next year, it will aid in boosting the tourism sector. Gonsalves participated in several races at the regatta.

Another participant in the motorboat races, Wellington Gonsalves stated, “yeah, it’s a good thing. I even recommended that they put it over the river. You know it could’ve boosted the small businesses more.”

Wellington Gonsalves

Meanwhile, Patron, Javed Baksh noted, “I think it’s great. I think the atmosphere and everything here is great right now. And everything is happening like the Bartica regatta. I feel everything is awesome. We leave Bartica to come here to give them our support as well.”

Javed Baksh

“Well, it’s my first time here and it’s the first time my team came to keep the regatta here. I’m nervous because my husband is racing also but I have confidence. And I hope everything goes as we planned,” Valentina Demkosski said.

Her team (Gonsalves) participated in the big motor, 15, 75 and 90 races.

Patrons observing the motorboat races

Motorcycle racer, Stephen Vieira noted that “it’s a new thing that Linden is doing, so, I think that it will do very good after the next year or two…People will come and invest in boat racing and do it…I’m looking forward to seeing the big boats compete. It looks very competitive. So, we have a good race today.”

Winner of the female kayaking race, Shenesa Clarese said, “seeing so many people is awesome…Well, it’s the first time I’ve been to a regatta, so, I would say that it’s nice…Well, a lot of visitors came in and to see how the places are.”

Winner of the female kayaking competition, Shenesa Clarese

Proprietor of Elite Kayaking and Nature Tours, Dr Deon Anderson lauded the event as an excellent initiative. Dr Anderson noted that Elite Kayaking was delighted to collaborate with New Era Entertainment with regards to the segments they hosted, which included the Inter-agency Kayaking competition. The agencies included Guyana Water Inc, GGMC, Bosai Mineral Inc., the Nursing School, and the National Schools Kayaking Champions.

Winner participating in his victory lap

As it relates to the tourism sector in Linden, Dr Anderson explained, “Linden is a budding city with extremely beautiful tourism potential. And this will definitely boost it for sure because people who have never been to Blue Lake before, they’re coming here for the first time and when their eyes behold such a beauty. I know they’ll want to come over and over again. This definitely adds to our tourism potential. And of course, Elite Kayaking and Nature Tours, we specialise in doing tours, kayaking tours specifically here at the Blue Lake every single day, specifically on the weekends.”

Mohamed Khan

Representative of Sol Guyana Inc., Mohamed Khan expressed, “we just enjoy it, having nice fun and thing.”

Linden Regatta forms part of the calendar events for the cricket carnival and Guyana’s hosting of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) semi-finals and championship games.  

This was a collaborative effort among New Era Entertainment, the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport, and the cricket carnival team. 

Team Mohamed was the title sponsor of the event. 

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, and Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill were present at the event.