Lindeners commend sport development taking place in Region 10

The government has embarked on an aggressive move to improve sports facilities nationwide to host international events and boost local talent through the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Particularly, Region Ten has seen tremendous growth, as the government pushes to upgrade several facilities, such as the Mackenzie Sports Club ground, which will match the Providence Stadium, East Bank Demerara, and cater for ICC standard cricket

Final stages of the synthetic track in Linden with the marking of the running lanes

Additionally, the synthetic track in Bayroc, Linden is near completion.

Residents in the mining town have expressed their appreciation for the government’s interventions aimed at improving the sport facilities.

One such resident, Arthur Chung said the new facilities are set to improve sports tourism in the mining town.

“The government is doing its best in preparing for sports, and I think that is a good initiative,” Chung told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Highlighting the importance of sports in the town, Simon Rupert believes the support by the government will have a positive impact on athletes’ development.

“Linden needed this type of development, especially for the youth so that they can actively participate in activities besides school and academics. It’s a good initiative, not only for the communities but for the youths in general,” Rupert noted.

Another resident, Muriel Halley said she is seeing transformation in other sectors as well.

 “I’m glad to see how the development coming up in this area. The elderly people getting the old age pension [and] they are doing the roads too,” she told DPI.

Meanwhile, Saddick Gibbonssaid, “I like the fact that there is development for everybody. I’m happy that the sports club is going through a transformation so everyone can benefit. Everyone knows that Region 10 has produced great sportsmen over the years, so these facilities will help to produce more sportsmen from the region.”

Also commending the administration’s work was Wayne Trotman.

“I’m glad for the growth I see in this country. I’m really glad that they are fixing the grounds, as this is a great initiative for Linden. To know that we will be able to host international cricket games is a good thing. I’m really glad that the government is doing something like this,” the former sportsman said.

Dominic Richman and Monica Higgins also added their voices, expressing similar sentiments, commending the government for its efforts.