Linden’s turn 50

—Town week activities postponed due to COVID-19

– “Stay safe Linden!” – Minister Bulkan

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Minister of Communities Hon Ronald Bulkan in a message today said while the COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed social interactions, the 50th anniversary of the township of Linden will not go unnoticed.

“Lindeners, 50 years ago, Guyana’s second-largest and your beautiful township was birth. This is a significant milestone that ought not to go unnoticed even as we grapple with the prevailing challenges.”

2020-04-29 MOC

The Hon. Ronald Bulkan, Minister of Communities

The Communities Minister commended the “indomitable strength, courage and tenacity displayed by Lindeners over the years that has brought the township to this point and expressed the hope for “a better and prosperous Linden, even as we rise above the present obstacles.”

He recalled the discovery of bauxite that made the town a highly sought-after destination for internal migration and “coupled with other factors laid the foundation for the birthing of a town of rich and diverse cultures as persons seeking to turn around their economic fortunes settled there blending their culture, religion and beliefs.”

He noted that with the return of local democracy in 2016, “the undemocratic imposition of an interim management committee was ended” as Lindeners elected their 10th mayor and a new council.

The full potential of the town, as the engine of growth and development of Region 10, the minister observed, can be realised once differences are shelved and all work together.

Minister Bulkan congratulated the residents on the historic milestone, “may your community bind together to attain unimaginable success for the benefit of the people of Linden and Guyana as a whole…  Let not the significance of the occasion obscure our focus during the time of COVID crisis. Stay safe Linden!” he stated.