Low voltage on West Bank Demerara to become a thing of the past – GPL

─ Schoonard to get power

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, August 10, 2019

 The Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL Inc.) is currently working to eradicate the occurrence of low voltage that has been affecting its customers along the West Bank of Demerara. This was disclosed by GPL’s Director of Operations, Bharat Harjohn, at a governmental community meeting in La Parfaite Harmonie on Saturday.

Low voltage on the West Bank of Demerara occurs after there is a problem in the circuit at Garden of Eden that returns electricity to Region 3. Should this occur, it forces GPL to distribute electricity from Vreed-en-Hoop to Vreisland, resulting in low voltage.

To remedy the situation, Director Harjohn explained, “we have four contractors on board. We divided it into eight lots and we gave the contractors two lots each. So, within the next two weeks, they are expected to complete all the pole planting exercises, stringing on the conductors and all the work that is required to have the network ready.”

GPL will conduct tests on the system to ensure it is working efficiently, after which the network will be energised.

La Parfaite Harmonie.

Plans are also on stream to offload electricity from the existing feeder onto the new feeder to alleviate the burden, thereby sharing the electricity load. This will reduce the workload of the damaged submarine cable to bring electricity to the West Bank after it would have already left from the inception.

According to the Operations Director, “that would help with all the voltage issues, especially on the West Bank [of Demerara] all the way to Vreidsland.”

On the other hand, to reduce the effects of scheduled power outages to residents of Parfaite Harmonie, GPL will be installing additional distribution lines within the community. These lines branch out from the main powerlines along the main road. Currently, Number 1 Canal and Middle Dam both have power lines running through their streets. The power company plans to install new power lines from the Schoonard entrance. This will occur under the same project that will see the installation of poles along the main road on the West Bank of Demerara.