Mabaruma Hospital forges ahead with improvements

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─ Min. Cummings lauds developments

─ new river ambulance, road ambulance among expectations

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mabaruma Hospital is now a recognised regional health facility. This must follow a series of service improvements, upgrades and development. These steps will essentially allow more persons to access services rather than travelling to Georgetown and other secondary health facilities for healthcare.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings recently visited the hospital and heard of the progress made in 2018, despite minor challenges.

Further, the minister was briefed by acting Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr. Vishal Ramjas on what can be expected in 2019 while the health facility continues to facilitate these improvements and new services.

After touring the facility, Dr. Ramjas explained what is to be expected this year and onwards.

“Our hospital, as we all know is part of the smart hospital initiative and will be retrofitted and services are going to be improved as we deliver optimum care to the patients. Not only in infrastructure but also this year we are going to improve our laboratory services and living conditions for officers who are going to be coming to the region to assist us in that process.”

Regional Executive Officer (REO), retired Lieutenant Colonel Randy Storm, who was also a part of the tour, added that a water ambulance, as well as a new Land Cruiser ambulance, will be added to the one currently used to transport emergency cases.

“We have funds for another ambulance so you will get that, and we are looking at type similar to what you have here already, the land cruiser type which is very sturdy,” Storm explained.

During the visit, Minister Cummings met with the staff to address issues that may exist at the hospital. The need for a clerical as well as data entry personnel was raised.

“Data-based clerks versus statistical clerks… I am very glad that the REO mentioned that because when we talk about diseases, we can’t say we have a high increase in cervical cancers because you have to show the data… So, we need someone who is versed in statistics as well as IT (Information Technology) so that we can have a much more efficient and effective service being done here,” the minister said.

Overall, Minister Cummings was pleased with the series of improvements that have occurred within the Mabaruma sub-region. She has visited the area several times in the past to ensure the health services provided are in line with the government’s dedication to ensuring every citizen in Guyana has access to improved health care.

Delicia Haynes.

Images: Anil Seelall.