Maintain a healthy body and mind amidst COVID-19

 – Family/Primary Care Physician, Dr. Saska Sertimer advises

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, April 16, 2019

Guyanese at home during the COVID-19 pandemic are advised to take a holistic approach to maintain their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental health.

“All five of these components will enable a person to live each day in the healthiest, happiest way possible and if one area is compromised, most likely other areas will be as well. Therefore, maintaining a balance is important,” Family and Primary Care Physician, Dr. Saska Sertimer told DPI.

Dr. Sertimer said to utilise the time at home beneficially persons should begin with maintaining a healthy diet to boost the immune system.


Dr.Saska Sertimer, MBBS, MFM

“Persons been at home will be tempted to indulge in the wrong food choices. I encourage persons to control their portion sizes at this time. Eat more fruit and vegetables, decrease salt intake, drink more water instead of sweetened beverages,” she recommended.

The physician also noted that with children are home from school parents should teach them the difference between everyday snacks, such as fruit and occasional snacks, such as cookies and sweets.

Staying active is crucial therefore exercise should be incorporated into the daily routine. This must be coupled with adequate rest, at least seven to eight hours sleep nightly, which will make the body less susceptible to viruses.

“Persons should continue taking all prescribed medication, especially if they are diabetic or hypertensive. If persons are not feeling well, it is wise to call the nearest clinic and speak to a health official for the best advice,” Dr. Sertimer said.

The physician noted that while isolation is challenging, persons who are indoors should get in touch with their creative side, be entertained, read, listen to music and practice meditation to maintain their spiritual and mental health.

She strongly advises limiting the daily intake of news, especially at this time.

Dr. Sasak Sertimer is attached to the GPHC’s Health Centre in Industry, East Coast Demerara.