Major infrastructural development underway in Region Six

A series of major rehabilitation works are underway to enhance infrastructure and accessibility on the East Bank and Lower Corentyne in Region Six.

These projects are being executed under the Ministry of Public Works’ miscellaneous road project. They aim to transform the region’s landscape, providing smoother roads and improved connectivity for residents and businesses.

Infrastructural works conducted in Region Six

One key project is the rehabilitation of Pepper Street in Heathburn Village, East Bank Berbice. The project is being undertaken by Associated Construction Services to the tune of $90.2 million.  

It involves the transformation of a mud dam into an asphaltic concrete road spanning some 1000 metres. Work commenced on July 1, 2023, and is expected to be completed on March 01 this year.

Similar works were undertaken by Dundas Construction in Heathburn, which saw the Sideline Dam community road upgraded into a concrete road spanning 275 metres.

Infrastructural upgrades were also conducted on the Canje Public Road by VE Enterprise at a sum of $24.5 million. The three-month project saw the construction of a kerb wall and concrete sidewalk spanning 370 metres.

Major rehabilitation works are also being conducted in Temple (Steve Street) in East Canje by JNS Investing, valuing some $17.6 million, while similar works were executed on Kuldeep Street in Betsy Ground by Pacific Service System.

Also, in East Canje, works were executed on First Cross Street, Seawall, to the tune of $40.7 million by Trim’s Management Services Inc. It involved transforming the double bituminous surface treatment (DBST) road into an asphaltic concrete road covering some 255 metres.

Meanwhile, some $9.8 million was exhausted on rehabilitation works at the Adelphi Nursery School Street in Canefield by SBW General Contractor.

Additionally, workshop Street (West) saw similar upgrades, executed by Joylall Contracting Services at the sum of $26.8 million, and 3rd Cross Kaywall Street was upgraded to a concrete thoroughfare by M. Ramsarran Construction totalling over $23 million.

Eighth Street, Fort Ordinance also received a concrete facelift worth more than $14.1 million and was completed by Professional Engineering and Construction Service. The project spans some 157 metres.

Fort Ordinance Main Access Road underwent a major overhaul from a mud dam to an asphalt road by T. Cummings and Associates Building Contractors to the tune of $13.1 million.

These infrastructural upgrades are in alignment with the PPP/C Government’s vision to provide significant relief to citizens, mitigating transportation congestion while fostering economic growth and community development.