Major infrastructural upgrades for Moruca subdistrict

DPI, Guyana, Monday, January 20, 2020

During the commissioning ceremony of the massive $119 San Jose concrete bridge over the weekend, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson announced plans to further enhance the living standards in the Moruca subdistrict.

First is the road network. Minister Patterson told residents that the Coalition Government plans to construct a concrete ridged pavement road from the Bimichi airstrip to the newly built San Jose bridge. Works will then extend beyond the bridge into San Jose.


Ministers of Government along with local leaders and residents in Moruca subdistrict walk across the commissioned San Jose bridge.

Plans for the expansion of the electricity sector were revealed. “I have been in discussion with the Region to get you a bigger generator for this region so that more of you can get power from the generator for longer [periods],” Minister Patterson affirmed.

Further, the Minister noted the Government’s intention to expand renewable energy systems into the community since it is keeping with the nation’s Green State Development Strategy: Vision 2040.

“This being the largest Indigenous village, it should and will have a solar farm installed in here so that you can get 24 hours of electricity,” the Public Infrastructure Minister stated.

Additionally, a barge was pledged to the subdistrict. Minister Patterson explained that during the construction of San Jose Bridge, all the material needed had to be transported in on a barge. According to the Minister, this venture resulted in costly transportation.

With the donated barge, Minister Patterson said the subdistrict will be able to transport building materials themselves without the usual expenses associated with private barges. It was noted that this is a move towards transitioning Moruca into a sustainable sus-district.

“We have done this already in Kwakwani where we have given a barge to the Kwakwani local government district. I think it is time you become self-sufficient,” he declared.

Minister Patterson noted that the Government will continue to work towards reducing the disparities that may exist between the coastland communities and the hinterland.

On Saturday last, Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Hon. Sydney Allicock commissioned the San Jose bridge.