Major infrastructural works for Charity, Lima Sands in the pipeline – Min. Indar

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, MP, says in just one year in office, the PPP/C Government has invested some $1.8 billion in infrastructural works in Region Two.

The minister made this disclosure during a radio interview on Friday.

“With respect to stellings, with roads, with bridges, with sea defence, with lights and miscellaneous roads. Miscellaneous roads are the community roads, the small ones, that alone is about $655 million and we [Cabinet] are looking into other areas.”

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, MP

Minister Indar added that the Cabinet has recently offered its ‘no objection’ to two major projects in the region. 

“One is the Charity River Dam, that area we had received complaints the last time the President had an outreach here [Region Two]. There was a delegation from that area [Charity], they explained the problem, myself and Minister Dharamlall went, we walked the area, we saw it for ourselves and we made provisions in the budget for it.”

Minister Indar said this project has been sent for public tender and once tendered work will begin. The other major project in the pipeline for the Pomeroon -Supenaam will be realised in the community of Lima Sands.

“Lima Sands the road is bad, so we are going to do the first phase of it, which will cost about $150 million. This is to do the first phase of asphaltic concrete road and we will have concrete drains on the shoulder. Because the sand and the soil make up there is very shifty, you can’t put a road without doing the shoulders properly, because it will split and it will break.”

Minister Indar said, the road and the concrete drain will be constructed up to the school which is about a kilometre in from the public road.