Major road developments planned for East Bank communities

The government will commence massive road works within several communities along the East Bank of Demerara as it seeks to further develop the country’s infrastructural capability, by enhancing its road networks and linkage structures. 

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal announced Wednesday during his meeting with persons living along the Sea Dam Reserve that areas such as Eccles, Perseverance, Providence, and Peter’s Hall will get much-needed facelifts and will see massive transformation.

“Before next week, we will be engaging all of those communities because we are about to commence work to that cluster to the tune of some $654 million to move a number of those roads to asphaltic concrete,” he stated.

The minister said road infrastructure remains one of the government’s overarching visions to uplift communities.

He said other communities along the east bank will also benefit.

“For those within Herstelling, Farm, Covent Garden, and Little Diamond, we will be spending about $1.3 billion to move a number of those roads to asphaltic concrete. In addition, we have Great Diamond, we will be spending another $100 million on Great Diamond”, the minister noted.

Further, the ministry will return to each area to identify, announce, and introduce the contractors executing the road projects.

Contracts for community roads from Regions Two to Six have also been awarded and will soon be executed.

“Similarly, we have over 1,178 community roads that are being done on the coastline from Regions Two to Six that is moving a number of those roads, in some cases dams, from where it is to concrete and asphaltic concrete. These have already been awarded,” the minister pointed out.

The investments would significantly contribute to the region’s development.

“We will get to every road. You have a government that is moving very quickly. When people ask how is the revenue or royalty from the oil, how is being spent? That’s one of the ways. It is to ensure that we can fast-track your infrastructure development and social development,” Minister Croal underscored.

The interventions by the government are geared toward enhancing everyone’s quality of life by facilitating better access to housing, transportation, and infrastructure.