MARAD to tighten operations at Kingston Wharf

The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) will overlook operators at the state-owned Kingston Wharf where barge operators have been loading and offloading cargo, following the recent damage to the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) which has caused some restrictions on weight.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill met with operators on Tuesday, after receiving reports that persons were refusing to allow other operators to anchor their vessels, delaying the process.

Public Works Minister engaging barge operators

“MARAD will streamline that now, how long you’ll have for loading and all of the rest of things. We’ll streamline that. Because if you are not ready to load, don’t bring two drums and then five, six barrels after, get your stuff together, load, and move,” the minister relayed.

While he commended persons for investments made in the area, he stressed that they, by no means, own the facility.

“Nobodyshould interpret to me, because I made some investments or I put down a pile or I put down some holders or I put down a pile or I fix the place, I now own the place. This is still the place that we’re leaving open. It is going to get busier. So, we don’t want any fighting. What we want is that while you live, your brothers must live and while we operate, other people must operate. So, if we could sit down together and get an understanding, we will get here regularised.”

A list of guidelines will be provided, which operators must adhere to when utilising the state-owned wharf.
The minister told the operators that the government is serious about development in the country and there should not be conflicts and contention among each other.