Mashramani in Region Six, a celebration of togetherness

Mashramani in New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) was a melding pot of Guyanese culture and jubilant display of love and togetherness.

The annual festival a “Celebration after hard work” originated in the mining town of Linden and was dubbed a national event February 23, 1970 to commemorate the country’s independence.

The event was then adapted countrywide and involves the participation of Guyanese from all six ethnic group

As the years have passed, Mashramani has grown in size and significance, this is no different in Region Six.

Testifying to this, Regional Chairman David Armogan told the Department of Public Information (DPI), that the region has a massive celebration of culture and creativity.

It’s a massive celebration here in New Amsterdam and…Every year, it gets bigger and bigger and that has been the tradition and every year you would find that more and more floats participate in the parade,” he said.

Armogan further noted that mash in the region is the most anticipated as hundreds of Berbicians laced the streets to enjoy the float parade.

A display of the country’s grand, rich, colourful and diverse cultural tapestry.

Regional Vice Chairman Zamal Hussain said it is a celebration where differences are set aside, and the shared pride in Guyana’s rich cultural heritage shines through.

In Berbice, it is a different and special kind of Mash because as you know the ancient county of Berbice is where everybody lives as a family and you can see the unity and the energy with everybody here mashing together and showing a wide cross session and diversity. We will continue to be the most energised county in the country,” he disclosed.

This year’s celebration was the grandest yet, with a greater array of vibrantly decorated floats and innovative costume bands gracing the streets.

The air was also filled with the infectious rhythms of drums, steel pan melodies, and pulsating beats of Soca music, a captivating atmosphere with participants and spectators brimming with joy and camaraderie.

This year, the celebration is being observed under the theme ‘Celebrating our peoples and our prosperity.’