Massive infrastructural projects will create numerous job opportunities for Lindeners

With major infrastructural development ongoing in the mining town of Linden, Region 10, residents are expected to benefit from numerous job opportunities, as the need for local human resources will expand.

The Ministry of Public Works is undertaking billions of dollars in road works and other infrastructural projects in the region.  

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill inspecting a road project in Region Ten

In a recent interview with DPI, Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill, M.P, said job creation is a priority on the government’s agenda, and the new development plan will ensure this is realised. 

“In our government layout of development, we are seeking that when works are being done in a region, materials and products, goods and services that could be provided from that region. The money must be spent in that region and circulated; we are doing that all across the country. People that can be employed from that region must be employed. So, opportunities for employment are coming so Lindeners have to now be able to log in.”

The sum of $6 billion was earmarked for the construction of the Linden-Mabura Hill Road. Upgrades to the 121 km gravel and asphaltic concrete road will transform the lives of persons living and doing business in the hinterland.

Road works

A further $4.1 billion has also been budgeted for the construction of 32 bridges along the Kurupukari to Lethem corridor.

Additionally, works on the Wismar and Mackenzie waterfront development project are expected to recommence soon.

The Hinterland and Urban Road Project is progressing, as work on phase two of the Mabura to Malali and Mabura to Muritaro roads has commenced.

The road in the Landersville, Kwakwani sub-district will also undergo additional development works, as it was severely damaged by the May/June flood last year.

Road works

“We are advancing the development programme so there is a pot of money that has been allocated for miscellaneous Urban and Hinterland roads nationally. So, every region will be seeing development and Linden will not be left out.”

Meanwhile, the Amerindian reservation Hururu will see major improvements as work on the internal road from that community to Wikki/Calcuni has also commenced.