Measures agreed upon to allow travel between Guyana and Suriname.

To ensure business activities not hindered

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday April 21, 2020

Some new ground rules have been agreed to by both Guyana and Suriname on travels between the two neighbours, in light of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Guyana and Suriname met via video conference on Monday afternoon.

According to a joint statement issued, while both sides of the Guyana/ Suriname border remain closed, both governments have agreed to immediately implement measures to ensure that riverine communities can commute and conduct their businesses, to and from points within their respective countries.

This will be done under proper surveillance, according to the release, to ensure that the protocols to combat the spread of the novel Coronavirus are not compromised.

“The two sides emphasised that the arrangements that have been put in place will respect the fact that their respective borders remain closed and that their nationals must not endeavour to enter into the territory of the other,” the release advised.

Further, a mechanism has been established for information sharing between the relevant institutions and agencies of the two countries.

“This is to allow for the conduct of legitimate movements on the Corentyne River and to prevent illegal activities, including the movements of persons and goods between the two countries.” According to the joint statement.

Additionally, both Guyana and Suriname have also underscored the importance of operating in a spirit of cooperation and strong solidarity to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this regard, they have agreed to establish a mechanism for information sharing between their health personnel after highlighting successes and challenges both faced in managing the disease on the medical front.

Both reiterated the importance of cooperation in areas of health, security, immigration and social protection, to strengthen both their national and collective responses to the crisis caused by the global pandemic.