Midas BPO creates 300 jobs in past year

-credits Gov’t for its success  

Midas BPO, a business process outsourcing firm, has created more than 300 new jobs since its establishment in August last year, and has credited the work of the PPP/C Government for its success.

Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Malcolm sobers, said the Government has created the right business environment to allow Midas to grow.

(L-R) Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh; Chief Executive Officer of GO-Invest, Dr. Peter Ramsaroop; CEO of Midas BPO Inc., Malcolm Sobers

“We started in the end of August 2020 as a BPO company here in Guyana and we’ve started with 20 employees. We’re just over 300, over 3 locations – one in Grove, Lombard Street, and here in New Market Street. We just opened our new space here in New Market street. We’re looking to grow to 1,000 employees by the end of the year.”

Midas was visited by Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, MP, and Chief Executive Officer of GO-Invest, Dr. Peter Ramsaroop on Tuesday.

Midas BPO Inc.’s New Market Street Office

Sobers apprised them of the work Midas has been doing, and escorted them on a tour of the New Market Street office.

“I know the Government has been very active in the BPO industry and it’s even more gratifying after speaking with the Minister to know what they’re doing to stimulate and fast-track the growth of the industry. They’ve helped a lot in what we’ve done so far.”

The Minister said he is proud to see the growth Midas has achieved in such a short period, and reiterated that the industry has tremendous potential for wealth and job creation.

Midas employees

Dr. Singh added that Government is putting much effort into improving the ease of doing business, including providing a stable environment.

“Investors coming into a country want to know that they will enjoy a stable environment, and in particular a stable macroeconomic environment.

A supervisor on Midas’ work floor

“You have to signal as a Government that you are a business-friendly government, that you are eager to attract investment, that you’re supportive of investors coming into Guyana, and that you will do all that is necessary to ensure that their businesses succeed.”

The Minister reinforced the PPP/C Government’s commitment to continuing to provide BPO businesses with the right incentives to ensure their prosperity, and encouraged them to seek continuous expansion.