Millions approved to complete Bartica, Leguan and Fort Island stellings

Over $450 million has been approved for the completion of the Bartica, Leguan and Fort Island stellings. The Bartica and Leguan stellings were projects inherited by the PPP/C Administration.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, during the consideration of the estimates on Tuesday, assured the people of Bartica that the stelling will be completed. He said the total sum for the Bartica stelling was $434 million.

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill

He said when government took office, 90 per cent of the money was already paid to the contractor and only 15 per cent of the work completed. What was more appalling was that the contractor, Courtney Benn Contracting Services Ltd, was not engaged on the project.

“This budget is making appropriation for us to be able to have the stelling completed in Bartica. And I want the people of Bartica to know that the PPP/C Administration will spend $217 million this year, and we will continue next year for the completion of the Bartica stelling that was messed up and mismanaged by the previous administration.”

In relation to the Leguan stelling, Minister Edghill said another poor contract was signed. He said when government took office, the contract had to be terminated and renegotiated over poor performance. Nevertheless, Minister Edghill said $168 million has been earmarked for the completion of the stelling.

Additionally, a sum of $38 million is budgeted to complete the Fort Island Stelling this year. This project began in the latter half of 2021 and is 90 percent completed.

“When we spend government money we must come to this parliament with clean hands and say what we did and not pontificate and pretend as if we do not know. We are correcting the mess,” he said. The budgetary allocation for the Ministry of Public Works is $96.1 billion. Several major projects are set to come on stream to enhance the lives of Guyanese through the budget.