Millions in contracts signed for modernisation of CJIA

– Minister Edghill urges contractors to meet deadlines

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, on Wednesday facilitated the signing of three multi-million-dollar contracts for the upgrading of facilities at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Corporation.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, and contractors at the meeting

Minister Edghill said the Government took the decision to do additional works at the facility, following a request from the CJIA.

At a simple ceremony at his office, Kallco Guyana Incorporated signed a contract valued over $513.7 million for the construction of an office building there. The building will be joined to the existing Terminal building and will house a conference room, offices for the airlines and other supporting agencies, and a duty-free bond. This project has a four-month deadline.

Kallco’s Managing Director, Mr. Arvin Kalloo signs his contract

Secondly, Colin Talbot Contracting Services signed a contract valued over $38.3 million to conduct repairs to the international apron and to build a taxiway. This project also has a four-month deadline.

CJIA- CEO, Mr. Ramesh Ghir hands over the contract to Managing Director of Colin Talbot Contracting Services, Mr. Colin Talbot

Additionally, Kalitech Incorporated signed a $25.9 million contract for the construction of a new office building for CJIA’s 280 personnel. The new building would allow more space in the Terminal building to be used for commercial purposes.

CJIA- CEO, Mr. Ramesh Ghir presents a contract to Kalitech’s Managing Director, Mr. Kalyan Tiwari

Minister Edghill said contractors are expected to start working immediately. He said the Government expects contracts to be completed in the stipulated timeframe as the airport will be operating as the work is being done. As such, the projects must be well coordinated and integrated to stay within project time and costs.

“We don’t sign contracts and sleep. I expect tomorrow morning work begins…. This is the airport.

“We’ve got to work within a context of a functioning airport…. We can’t be on this project forever because once you’re working on runway ‘Charlie’ you are going to be in the way somewhere along the line of what is happening.”

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, urge contractors to keep their deadlines on the CJIA projects

Meanwhile, CJIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ramesh Ghir said the additional works will complement the work that is already being done at the airport.

“We have some remedial works to do. As Minister point out, we are actually in the peak season; the airport is very busy so these works have to be timed in such manner that it doesn’t affect aircraft operation,” he said. Kallco’s Managing Director, Mr. Arvin Kalloo, Colin Talbot Contracting Services, Managing Director, Mr. Colin Talbot and Kalitech’s, Managing Director, Mr. Kalyan Tiwari said they were committed to completing the projects by their respective deadlines.