Min. Ally distributes sanitation, food supplies to flood-hit victims

– govt concerned, ramps up efforts to assist to residents

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Minister of Social Protection, Hon. Amna Ally visited and distributed several of items to residents of flood-affected Region 5 communities – Glaziers Lust, Rebecca Rust and Prospect in High Dam, on Wednesday.

During an interaction with the residents, Minister Ally noted that the government is very concerned with the situation, and as such, has ramped up its efforts to assist the residents.

The minister assured the residents that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and other agencies, including the Ministries of Public Infrastructure and Agriculture, will continue to assess the situation and ascertain what further assistance can be provided so their lives can get back to normalcy.

“We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your lives are returned to normality. Stay put, have faith, and all is going to be well,” she encouraged the residents.

The residents, most of whom are farmers, were pleased with the support provided by the administration during this critical time.

Mohammed Balgobin, a young rice farmer of Glaziers Lust, explained that the sea defence in his area was breached due to the force of the water during the spring tide. After reaching out to the Ministry of Agriculture, two excavators were immediately deployed to conduct emergency works.

“What happened is that they started to build the dam before the high tide, but because of the rushing of the water the works could not be completed and of course you know there are other areas who need this assistance also,” Balgobin explained.

He is also appreciative from the regional administration, the CDC and the Social Protection Ministry for the sanitation supplies and food items which were much-needed.

“Thanks to the ministry for this help, we appreciate it. We also welcome the government in this area and are thankful for all the support,” said Annette Balgobin, also of Glaziers Lust.

She is optimistic the administration will continue to provide aid to the residents, especially the farmers.

Kesh, a welder of Rebecca Rust, said that even though he took all the necessary precautions, he was not prepared for this magnitude of water. Nevertheless, he noted that the issue is one of natural disaster and is, therefore, grateful for the continued support the community has been receiving.

Since the last period of spring tide that ended October 2, the Public Infrastructure Ministry has spearheaded emergency works to arrest the breaches in the Dantzig to Fairfield area.

Additionally, through multiple ministries and agencies, the government has issued advisories and warning to residents along the coastal belt of Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has distributed sandbags before the forecasted spring tide. It has also been assessing the affected communities and distributing necessary assistance, to flood-affected communities, while continuing to monitor the situation at hand.