Min. Ally pledges to rebuild Bush Lot butchery destroyed by arson

─ “We must be our brother’s keeper”

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, March 21, 2020

Guyanese must live as one despite our differences. This was the message conveyed by the Minister of Social Protection Hon. Amna Ally during a visit to the home of the Azeez family in Bush Lot, whose butchery was torched Friday evening by unknown persons.

“We must be our brother’s keeper; this is not the time for hate. So, I call on all the people of Region 5- I’m a daughter of this Region. I don’t want to see the destruction of this Region,” Minister Ally pleaded.

A visibly shaken Mr. Azeez was reassured by the Social Protection Minister that his business will be restored with the help of good Samaritans who were moved to assist after leaning of the act of violence against his family.

Minister Ally stated, “your party, Congress Reform will build back your stand immediately.”

The businessman was asked to provide an estimate of his losses.

Acknowledging that the tragic circumstances were traumatizing for the family, Minister Ally called for unity among Guyanese, particularly those in Region 5 where there have been instances of unrest, fueled by the fear-mongering rhetoric of the main Opposition party.

Keep calm, keep the peace and continue to promote peace,” the Social Protection Minister urged.

Earlier Saturday, His Excellency President David Granger denounced the acts of violence perpetrated in Region 5 and expressed his sympathy to all affected citizens, inclusive of the children and police officers that were attacked by violent protesters after the March 2, 2020 elections.

While calling for the perpetrators to be brought to justice, President Granger advised, citizensto respect the rule of law.”