Min. Lawrence confident HDM Labs Inc. contract value for money

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence is confident that her Ministry has received value for money with the award of a contract to HDM Labs Incorporated for the purchase of pharmaceuticals to the Ministry.

During the 98th sitting of the National Assembly today, Minister Lawrence said:

“The policy of the ministry is that ensure that when we expend public funds, we receive value for money. No other tender can compare to the information submitted by HDM. A conclusion cannot be drawn by me since I’m not the evaluators. But they have received value for money.”

Minister Lawrence explained that a total of six companies were invited to tender for the project with the criteria being that the supplier does not have pending contracts that will hinder the delivery of the drugs.

The Public Health Minister stated that among the six companies, none was listed as international health care. The National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) recommended that no award be made as all bidders failed to meet the evaluation criteria at the preliminary stage.

The Ministry of Public Health then sought permission from NPTAB for Restrictive Tendering. NPTAB granted permission and all six companies were then asked, by letter, to resubmit bids. Only one company (HDM Labs Inc) responded.

Minister Lawrence also explained the reasons for some suppliers being disqualified, including non-submission of authorisation form, bank statements and surety.

Minister Lawrence noted HDM is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved facility in the United States established for approximately 30 years.

Ranetta La Fleur.

Image: Department of Public Information.