Min. McCoy visits Region Nine radio stations

– calls for team work to improve broadcasting countrywide

Guyanese can expect major changes in the daily production at Government radio stations countrywide over the next five years.

Hon. Kwame McCoy, Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Public Affairs, met broadcasters of the Aishalton, Lethem and Paiwomak radio stations in Region Nine at the weekend.

The Minister got a firsthand experience of the operations at the locations, while he listened to concerns raised by the staff. He said Government is ready to transform the communication sector.

“In fact, already I have asked two of the managers to look at particular aspects of these regional stations to be able to give me recommendations and I’ve given them some ideas about how we could really increase the broadcasting time, and in some places how we can do advertising to get income,” Minister McCoy relayed. 

Coming into Government, the Minister said the National Communications Network (NCN) was in a “run down” state. However, Government has assessed the situation and plans to revamp the entity. NCN has since received over $100 million in subvention along with other funds, the Minister noted.

“Radio in these parts of the country is absolutely important. People depend on it for information and they rely on it heavily for other purposes. We got to pay more attention to the radio stations here, so that you will be able to have this means of communication, and the people can benefit a lot by knowing what is taking place.”

Further, Minister McCoy stressed the need for professional personnel on board. This can be achieved through training, he explained.

“We have to be able to give you greater exposure through training opportunity and study missions, where you will be able to go to Georgetown maybe once or twice a year, to look at how things are done in the city. Or perhaps, in the future, overseas, so that you can have a wide idea and understanding of the techniques and technology used,” he added.

Noting there is room for improvement, Minister McCoy commended the ongoing operations at the broadcasting outposts.

“You have the will to do much more and there is indication that you want to do much more; you understand the objectives of having the radio stations and [meeting] the need of the community.”

Since taking office in August, the Public Affairs Minister has visited and assessed several state-owned communication entities and has commenced rearranging most for a better outcome.

A retreat for NCN’s regional managers is planned for next weekend to put together ideas and outline workable strategies for 2021.