Mining in a very healthy place. Min. Trotman

―Urges youths to not overlook the sector

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Guyana Mining and Training Centre Incorporated “Mine Operations and Orientation” course was launched today.

The event which was held at the Girls Guide Pavilion on Brickdam, Georgetown, was a collaboration between the training centre, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and Ministry of Natural Resources.

Aside from the launch of the mining course, the event also lends itself as an information hub for newcomers to the mining field who needed a better understanding of Mining in Guyana.

The predominantly youthful participants were well received by Minister of Natural Resources, the Hon. Raphael Trotman.

“I am particularly pleased this morning to see many first-time miners and more importantly I am happy to see the number of women who are here this morning. I think it is a tribute not only to you for the strong and deliberate step that you have taken to get into what is known to be a male preserve mining in the hinterland,” he stated.

The Natural Resources Minister said this change signals a good transformation and evolution of the sector.

Mining is here to stay mining is a part of the socio-economic mosaic of Guyana and mining has proven to be a good and sustainable and wholesome industry once done properly.”

He revealed that since 2015 to date, Guyana’s gold declaration amounted to approximately US $3.8 billion in mining revenues.

“Some may want to tell you that the mining industry is in chaos and crisis it is not, it has brought in close to US $3.8 billion in revenue. Mining is in a very healthy place,” Minister Trotman revealed.

An exhibition was also held to educate persons further on Mining in Guyana. This allows them to network with persons already in the field.