Minister Benn receives booklet on tenets of Juvenile Justice Act

The Ministry of Home Affairs would like to inform you, that the Hon. Minister Robeson Benn, today, received two booklets with simplified tenets of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2018, from the Chairman of the Rights of the Child Commission Ms. Aleema Nasir.

Hon. Minister Robeson Benn and Chairman of the Rights of the Child Commission Ms. Aleema Nasir.

The Booklets which are entitled “A Guide to the Juvenile Justice Act, 2018, and “Key Points for Social Workers,” have been developed for the Ministry through support from UNICEF, to aid National Stakeholders understanding of the key processes of, and methodologies for the Juvenile Justice Act, and for training purposes. These booklets will also be used as part of the general public awareness toolkit for the Ministry’s Juvenile Justice Department.

Minister Benn expressed thanks to the Commission and reiterated the Ministry’s recognition of the need to work continuously to improve the condition of children who may come in contact or conflict with the law, and of bettering the rehabilitation efforts, towards improving the Juvenile Justice System in Guyana.