Minister Cummings joins Mabaruma residents in observing Republic anniversary

GINA, GUYANA, Thursday, February 23, 2017

Guyana celebrated its 47th Republic Anniversary with flag raising ceremonies in all the regions.

In Region One, the flag raising ceremony was held on the evening of February 22, 2017 at the Mabaruma Settlement Community ground. Hundreds of residents from Port Kaituma, Kumaka, Moruca, Hosororo Hill and other villages within the region gathered  to witness numerous cultural items which served as entertainment as they awaited the hour for the Golden Arrowhead to be hoisted.

Dr. Karen Cummings, Minister in the Ministry of Public Health delivering the feature address at the flag raising cermony

Minister within the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings was at the ceremony to deliver the feature address.

Minister Cummings urged residents to hold their regional authorities, moreover the government accountable for areas where progess and development are not obvious.

“In order for this region to further develop, all must play a part in the transformation of Mabaruma more so Region One… with the establishment of the new municipality, working collaboratively with the regional authorities, there should be no reason why Region One should be left underdeveloped.”

The minister also echoed the need for persons to have a more unified approach in ensuring that the green agenda is achieved. A list of infrastructural works was highlighted by the minister. Several of the identified projects are expected to begin in 2017.

Dr. Karen Cummings, Minister in the Ministry of Public Health, (on stand) with officers of disciplinary services (left) and regional officials take the salute from joint services officials

Additionally, in aiding community development, the minister said that the provision of appropriate and sustainable living solutions for long- term development in local communities is necessary.

“For far too long you have struggled with the unavailability of stable and reliable electricity. Nothing tangible was being done for this region, particularly Mabaruma, with regard to electricity. This APNU+AFC government will be embarking on establishing a 400 -kilowatt solar farm what will provide electricity that is stable as well as reliable,” Minister Cummings explained.

In addition, Minister Cummings said that the government has recognised the potential of Region One, and is bound to set this region on an irreversible development course.

Residents were assured that issues in the region that remain as a result of negligence of the previous administration, will be addressed and rectified. She however, pleaded for their patient since, “Change of which we speak, cannot and will not happen overnight.”

Brentnol Ashley, Regional Chairman, Region One

Complementing the sentiment and remarks of the minister was the Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley.

“We, as Guyanese, often times do not afford ourselves the opportunity to cooperate with each other in order to build our beautiful homeland. I fondly believe that sometimes we forget we belong to the same family, that is the Guyanese family,” Ashley said.

The flag raising ceremony which lasted for approximately three hours accommodated respresentatives of various villages including Wauna, Barabina and Bumbury Hill.

Also present at the ceremony were Regional officials including the Regional Executive Officer, Leslie Wilburg, Region Health Officer Cerdel McWatt; Regional Education Officer, Nigel Richards; Mayor Henry Smith and Opposition member of Parliament Colin Croal.

By: Delicia Haynes