Minister Dharamlall says corrective works to Silvertown Street in full gear

─reinforces Govt’s commitment to ‘get it right’

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development said it has taken note of serious damage done to a street located in Silvertown, Linden.

The street, which was being constructed to ease the flow of traffic in the Region 10 community, saw massive damage over the last few days as a section of the retaining wall collapsed.

Works ongoing on the Silvertown street

In a press release issued on Thursday, the ministry said several issues were identified in the construction of the road, as it proved to be an extremely daring project. These challenges, the ministry said, will not defy the improvement and development of the lives of citizens in the Silvertown community.

“…our government understands that development comes through overcoming challenges and taking risks, not in an irresponsible manner but with well thought out risk responses, because our intention is to do whatever it takes to improve the living condition of our people,” the press release stated.

Already, the contractor responsible for the project is on the ground and is addressing the damaged section of the road.

Works ongoing on the Silvertown street

“You have also been seeing the constant presence of the Regional Executive Officer and Engineers on site; this is an indication of our commitment to getting it right, to the benefit of you the residents,” the statement added.

The retaining wall that suffered severe partial damage is approximately 600M in length, with 30M in need of urgent repair.

“The contractor has assured that the entire length will be reinforced and strutted. Please help us to monitor and ensure it gets done properly,” the release noted.