‘Minister Edghill visits Sheriff/ Mandela Expansion Project’

Minister of Public Works, Honourable Bishop Juan Edghill today visited the Sheriff/ Mandela road expansion site.

Accompanying Minister Edghill was the contractor SINOHYDRO, Consultant Egis International in association with Srkn’gineering, Mr. Geoffrey Vaughn, Coordinator Works Services Group, MoPW; Mark Green, Project Manager; Shawn-Ann Green, Social and Environmental Officer.

The team walked and inspected works along the 7km $31M USD Sheriff/Mandela road upgrade Project beginning at the junction of Sheriff Street and Rupert Craig Highway and finishing at DSL junction in the vicinity of Hunter street.

Several drainage works and bridges, both completed and under construction were inspected. Issues for decision identified and all items for the speedy execution of this delayed project were addressed.  Significant to today’s visit was for the contractors to indicate a date to begin the paving of the road with asphaltic concrete. 

At the end of the visit, the Minister summoned all parties to a meeting at his office for Wednesday October 7, 2020.

Before concluding his day, the Minister visited works at Hunter Street and the damaged bridge at Sussex Street.

Minister Edghill made it very clear that the reason why he is in the fields is because he wants action.

He told the contractor that in air-conditioned offices is where talks are held, in the fields is where actual work gets done and he is here to get work done.