Minister of Natural Resources and Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources South Africa strengthen country relations

– To ink Declaration of Intent then Memorandum of Understanding

With similar aspirations to better manage the natural resources of their countries, the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Raphael Trotman and Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources Hon. Godfrey Oliphant have agreed to sign a Declaration of Intent.

This was revealed during a luncheon hosted by Minister Trotman which saw in attendance the Prime Minister and first Vice President Hon. Moses Nagamootoo, fourth Vice President Sydney Allicock, Ministry of Natural Resources staff along with representatives of mining agencies and the University of Guyana.

The Declaration of Intent which is set to be signed on Friday will be the gateway for the two countries to enter into a formal Memorandum of Understanding which is set to focus on five areas of cooperation and collaboration. These are;

  • Training and capacity building
  • Strengthening of regulatory frameworks
  • Enhancing value-added capabilities
  • Geological surveying and mapping of resources
  • Environmental preservation and modernization of Guyana’s mining techniques and practices.

During his address, Minister Trotman highlighted that though both Guyana and South Africa possess vast amounts of mineral resources, South Africa has been more able to significantly develop its mineral sector and is in a good position to give lessons and advice on moving Guyana forward.  He said that in the context of Guyana’s transition into a Green State, Guyana can learn much from South Africa in the areas of sustainable management of natural resources and the expansion of environmental services. He further added that this can be done in the areas of diamond exploration, geological surveying and mapping, and establishing and managing a national gold refinery.

Adding that there is also much that Guyana can offer South Africa, Minister Trotman mentioned that Guyana has yet to be explored and quantified, deposits of gold, diamond, bauxite and manganese and possibly rare earths. These he said offer a number of opportunities for investors from South Africa who have over the years developed technologies and expertise.

The Ministry and by extension the Government of Guyana is committed towards working on a unified agenda towards the sustainable development of Guyana’s natural Resources.