Minister of Social Cohesion echoes the importance of sports in schools

Minister of Social Cohesion Dr George Norton during a visit to Region One (Barima-Waini) last Friday, underscored the importance of sports in schools. At the time of this pronouncement the Minister with responsibility for Sports and Culture was speaking to children at the Mabaruma and Hosorororo Primary schools.

During the visit to the Region Dr Norton was accompanied by his Director of Sports Mr Christopher Jones. Norton told the children, parents and their teachers that just as it is imperative for the child to have a sound academic grounding, it is by that same measure equal emphasis should be placed on children playing some form of sports at school.

The medical doctor said that this posture will ensure that Guyana has a large pool of what he called ‘rounded children’ in the future. “I don’t want you to just focus on studying all the time…play some sport”. Dr Norton Said that aside from the fact that playing of sports have positive health outcomes since the risks of developing non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and blood sugar is significantly lessened other benefits are derived.

Going further Minister Norton quipped that playing sports involves cooperation and collaboration attributes that will serve the children well as they go forward in school and life.  He urged the children to believe in themselves and the sport that they eventually embrace holding a firm belief that it can take them places as they progress in their endeavors. Dr Norton said there cannot be a more elegant combination than a ‘bright and competitive sports man or woman and it is for those benefits that all concern should advocate for more persons, not only children to become more active.

Director of Sports Mr Christopher Jones echoed similar sentiments as Minister Norton and told the children that the Government of Guyana (GoG) is serious about sports in Guyana and that Region One will benefit from this. Jones said that at present there are plans in the works for the region with regards to sports.

At Hosororo primary school Minister of Social Cohesion Dr George Norton presented a quantity of sporting equipment, including a pair circle tennis racquets and a quantity of balls,  footballs, cricket bats and balls and a number of volleyballs and the accompanying net.