Minister Parag takes online scholarship initiative to Anna Regina

-residents praise initiative 

Residents of Anna Regina and nearby communities on Saturday were given the opportunity to apply for the Government’s 20,000 online scholarships, when Minister of Public Service, Hon. Sonia Parag launched the initiative in Region Two.

The event was held in the compound of the Regional Democratic Council where scores of scholarship hopefuls gathered.

Minister of Public Service Hon. Sonia Parag encourage the youth to apply for the 20,000 online scholarships.

In her address, Minister Parag told the youth she is aware of the challenges obtaining higher education there, and urged them to take advantage of the programme.

“I want you to take the opportunity that is being presented to you here today and I will be very proud of Essequibo.  I’m already proud because we have a great reaction to this and I would like to see Essequibo come out in numbers.

Minister of Public Service, Hon. Sonia Parag with the 2021 Region Two top CSEC performers

Essequibo or Region Two has actually been left behind and I can tell you the statistics being granted in 2019 with very low scholarships being in the sum of like eight out of our many thousands of persons in the Region,” she said.

Minister Parag told residents that education has always been a high priority of the PPP/C Government and should persons apply now, they would start benefiting from the programme by July.

Minister of Public Service Hon. Sonia Parag engages this scholarship applicant.

“Universities all over this world were looked at to get quality fields of studies or programmes to engage our young people and in this particular initiative not even just the young people, but anyone above the age of 18 who wants to realise a dream of getting a higher education can do so,” Minister Parag said.

Speaking to DPI, several prospective awardees praised the initiative.

Mr. Faoud Mohamed

Mr.  Faoud Mohamed said, “When Parties present their manifesto, sometimes you would not expect them to deliver it so quickly and that’s why I would like to thank Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, the President of our country, for taking this initiative. Definitely with education we would develop in all facets of our community.”

Ms. Malini Jaikarran

Another applicant, Ms. Malini Jaikarran, who is currently unemployed, said she is ecstatic about the opportunity.  “I’m extremely happy about this so that I can move forward in life and have a better job for myself and the country in whole to help improve our lives.”

Ms. Tracey Cornelius

Thirty-five-year-old Ms. Tracey Cornelius believes that the scholarship could help her to improve her life. “I’m overwhelmed and I’m very happy, and I must say it helping me to let my dreams come through,” she said.

Additionally, Ms. Shania Henry, who has already applied for a scholarship, is happy that the programmes are being offered virtually.

Ms. Shania Henry

“As an Essequibian, I mean it’s very good for myself and other young people. Being at work, you don’t have to leave home, you’re doing it online, I think it’s very good I’m very happy for it,” she said.

Prospective scholars can apply for their programmes throughout May month. A closing date has not yet been published.

Some of the scholarship hopefuls

In the meantime, the Government would continue to conduct outreaches across the regions to ensure that every citizen has been given the opportunity to apply.