Minister Persaud continues visits to ensure one-off grant, pension book distribution is hassle free

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said the government continues to ensure the distribution of the $25,000 one-off cash grant and 2022 old age pension booklet is hassle-free.

“Today I made a trip to both Leguan and Wakenaam and it is part of the exercise that has been happening since the distribution of the 2022 books and the $25,000 one-off vouchers. And it is important to be on the ground and to ensure processes are flowing smoothly, people are happy.”

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, handing food hamper to a senior citizen at the Wakenaam Neighbourhood Democratic Council, Region Three.

The campaign which rolled out to pensioners on the islands of Wakenaam and Leguan on Wednesday, saw over 700 senior citizens benefitting.

Dulary Durpat, is extremely grateful for the grant since it will assist her to support her sick daughter. 

Dulary Durpat, pensioner at the Souci Primary School, Wakenaam, Region Three.

“I am happy today to get we lil money, to get we pension book and all these things. I have a sick daughter.”

Allan Harrilall, expressed gratitude to the government for the grant and encouraged  other pensioners to spend their money wisely.

“I feel more than happy and I thank the government very much for what they have done for we on the island.”

Pensioner receiving the $25,000 one-off cash voucher from volunteer at the Souci Primary School, Wakenaam, Region Three.

Another pensioner, Carmen Empthee, said the money will help her to buy medication, among other things.

“It is very good. Yes, at least I welcome it and I know that everyone else welcome it. It is a good thing.”

Residents of Leguan, Region Three with their food hampers distributed by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

Additionally, the minister distributed 300 food hampers to vulnerable residents on both islands.

The initiative forms part of the minister’s commitment to provide support to citizens during the pandemic.