Minister Ramson delivers on President Ali’s sport commitment to Tiger Bay residents

– more development to come
– multi-stakeholder approach adopted
– football gear distributed
– GABF to establish basketball clinic soon

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Hon. Charles Ramson Jr. conducted a follow-up visit in the community of Tiger Bay, Georgetown on Saturday, on behalf of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

President Ali had paid the community a visit on Sunday, August 30, 2020. Among the issues disclosed by residents were the need for sporting gear and a cleared area dedicated for sporting activities, to which he promised to send Minster Ramson to address.

The Minister used a multi-stakeholder approach in which he invited relevant officials from the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) and the Private Sector Commission (PSC).

“Sports has to be pervasive but it requires everybody to be on board and it requires all hands on deck in being able to develop young talent…We need to be able to foster the environment where we’re working with each other. That’s why I asked the associations to come with me and some members of the Private Sector,” the Minister said.

Minister Ramson engaged with members of the community after which footballs were distributed, as the community has a thriving football culture. He also looked at prospective land for the establishment of a sporting facility.

“They don’t only need sports gear; they need a facility that they can use. Right now, they’re playing on the road. There’s an area there that we can clear. Also, in the very near future we’re going to give them some space in one of the grounds that we have, that’s not too far away for them to go there and be able to use,” the Minister said.

It was explained by the Minister that the presentation was more than just distributing a ball, but a symbol of where life can take you. He also emphasized that sport helps to foster a strong sense of discipline.

GFF President, Wayne Forde applauded the Minister’s efforts in being proactive in the sporting arena and expressed wishes that the Minister continues in such endeavors. 

President of GABF, Mike Singh further disclosed that molten basketballs were also distributed. He also stated that a number of national athletes have played basketball in Tiger Bay, which he says helps to instill essential qualities. Further the Basketball Federation is gearing toward the development of a structure to facilitate the sport in Tiger Bay. “We’re trying to put a structure in here where we will have an ongoing clinic where they will have gear, apart from basketball we’ll actually try to look after some of them off the court also,” he explained, while adding that the clinic may be happening as early as next week.