Minister Ramson fulfils promise to Buxton in less than 30 minutes

─ donates basketball hoops, brush cutters for Buxton ground

In less than 30 minutes of a request for improved basketball equipment at the Buxton Community Centre Ground, Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports, Charles Ramson Jr, M.P, handed over several pieces of equipment to the local basketball team.

The request was made during the government’s ministerial outreach to Buxton, East Coast Demerara. The outreach was spearheaded by Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips, who is currently performing the duties of President.

The handing over of basketball hoop set as promised by Minister Ramson

Following the request by an athlete, Minister Ramson reminded residents that government will continue to be an administration that delivers on its promises.

“When I came in here the first time, these wires that you see running along the fence here, they were on the ground exposed…children were running around with the possibility of getting electrocuted. We fixed that. When we came in here the second time, we promised that we would put up eight, fifty-feet concrete poles with wiring underneath. We delivered that…I’m showing you a track record of where we have given our commitment…and followed through with that commitment,” the minister recalled.

Notwithstanding this, however, Minister Ramson proceeded to make another commitment that would cause the crowd to give the cabinet team a rousing round of applause.

“Today, I’m going to make another commitment because you’re saying that you have 100 players who play here, and you don’t have any hoops…today, and just to show you that we mean business, I’m going to give you that commitment that within 30 minutes, those hoops are going to be here,” he declared.

Further, in the same address to the large crowd, Minister Ramson committed to delivering several other pieces of equipment to assist in the maintenance of the recreational facility.

“My second commitment that I am going to make now, (is) within 30 minutes we’re also going to deliver a driving tractor, lawnmower and brush cutter,” the minister revealed.

In less than 30 minutes, all of the pieces of equipment promised and committed to by the Minister of Sport were brought to the community centre ground for the official handing over.

The donation in Buxton formed part of the wider programme undertaken by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport to upgrade and maintain community grounds across the country.