Minister Rodrigues delivers on her promise to Lust-en-Rust community

-74 households receive access to water

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues has delivered on her promise to the residents of Lust-en-Rust to provide an improved water supply in the community.

Following an intervention by the Ministry and the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), 74 households are now benefitting from potable water.

The Minister and a team from GWI visited the community on August 17, following calls by the residents to address their water woes. Following recommendations from GWI, the 74 households were connected to the distribution system by the following weekend.

GWI’s Executive Director of Operations, Mr. Dwayne Shako, explained that to facilitate this intervention, rehabilitative works were conducted on the Westminster Number 2 well station. This included the re-adjustment of the distribution network and removal on services from unoccupied land which caused leakages costing the utility company huge losses.

It was noted that this is a short-term solution; for the long-term, a well will have to be dug for the community to address in the issue permanently.   

“I promised the residents that they will have access to water by the end of the week and I am pleased to announce that my Ministry has fulfilled its commitment,” Minister Rodrigues stated today.

She said a number of issues are plaguing the community, such as poor roads and no electricity and her Ministry will be tackling those issues to improve the livelihood of the residents.

Mr. Carl Lewis, a Lust-en-Rust resident for five years, expressed his appreciation for the Ministry’s commitment.

“This is the first time we are receiving water in this area. This water will cut down some of our expenses because the pump we use to get water access requires gas,” Lewis reiterated.

Another resident, Vanessa Peters, who has been residing in the community for six months, stated that the new water supply will not only assist in day-to-day activities but also guaranteeing an easier life.

“We received water last week, but prior to that, our water access depended on the rainfall. This contribution is great because it will make our daily activities like washing and cooking much easier,” Peters relayed.

Minister Rodrigues thanked the community of Lust-en-Rust for its cooperation. She also extended a heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Shako, and Ms. Kerene Gordon, a Well Maintenance Engineer at the water company, for their hard work in assisting the Ministry with delivering potable water to the community.