Ministers Anthony, Edghill address concerns of Haslington residents

In a true demonstration of the PPP/C Administration’s policy of engaging with all Guyanese  to foster development, Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony and Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill on Thursday met with residents of  Haslington Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara.

The residents expressed concerns about the garbage disposal, lack of adequate recreational facilities, the need for streetlights in the area, and the rehabilitation of various roads.

Minister Anthony and Minister Edghill met with residents of the Haslington Housing Scheme to listen to their concerns

Minister Anthony said a collaborative effort will foster development in the area.

If we don’t have a counterpart within the community, it makes it difficult to get things done in the community. I think this community meeting is a very positive start. We will engage the relevant ministers who will come and talk to you on the specific projects that you have. We have a government that is going to work with everybody,” he stated.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony

Meanwhile, Minister Edghill urged residents to form a Community Development Council (CDC) so that their concerns could be adequately lodged and addressed. He emphasised the importance of the group to develop the community.

“For example, when a CDC is cleaning up a community, and everybody is involved, the level of vigilance against people dumping garbage would be elevated because you are involved in the development of your community. When there is no organised group, it is nobody’s responsibility.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

“There are times when we have to be our brother’s keeper, and we also have to put pressure on our peers to make sure that we can lift the community together. We see your concerns, government will wok with you, but government can only do so much. You have to organize yourself to ensure that that is a continuous engagement, and benefits continue to come to your community,” the minister implored.

He also assured residents that they are not exempt from the government’s development plan, noting that their presence at the community meeting serves as a testimony. The minister added that immediately after the formation of a CDC in the community, interventions will be made.

Minister Edghill also inspected and assessed the condition of the roads in the housing scheme

“Where people live, you can be assured that the PPP/C will be there to look after the interests of people. Our work is not about a show, our work is about bringing benefits to people. It’s not a matter of where people vote. It is about where people live, and where people have issues that need to be addressed, we go there, and address their issues,” Minister Edghill assured.

He also conducted a walkabout around the community to assess the condition of the roads.