Ministry of Education Press Statement

The Ministry of Education has noted a panicked, sensational, reckless and potentially dangerous post attributed to the Guyana Teachers’ Union which alleges that a COVID-19 positive student has been placed in the “same environment with staff, students and candidates writing CSEC math today at a Region 6 Secondary School.”

The Ministry refutes this statement as untrue. We remind the Union that it is our collective duty to act in the best interest of all of our children at all times. Students who are positive, medically cleared to write their examinations and choose to write their examinations shall and are being facilitated by the Ministry of Education.

They are placed in separate rooms. In this particular case, in an entirely separate teaching block and being invigilated by trained medical personnel wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

When we say we love children, we must show them that we do. When we say we will listen to and hear the needs of children we must show we mean that even when we would prefer different circumstances.

The Ministry of Education thanks the medical personnel and the teachers who have stayed true to their promise to serve all without fear or favour. We remain committed to acting in the best interest of our children every day.

The Ministry of Education was never oblivious to the reality that we may have to face such a situation during this time and as such, we made all the necessary preparations. A good education system has to be one that is responsive to arising needs and new situations in a manner that places our students in the least disadvantaged position.