Ministry of Health introduces employee relations portal

−to create employee safe space and increase productivity

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mr. Malcolm Watkins, has introduced an employee relations portal, creating a safe space for members of staff to vent and air their grievances professionally and confidentially.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mr. Malcolm Watkins.

PS Watkins told DPI the initiative is to ensure a comfortable work environment which serves as a motivator for employees. This, he believes, would guarantee productivity.

“This principle of leadership is driven by my style of leadership which is servant leadership; we have to look at the whirlpool, we have to look at human resources, give them the leadership from a compassionate standpoint, and give them the tools and a comfortable environment to be productive. It is the only sustainable way that we can improve the operation at the Ministry of Health and the country as a whole.”

Mr. Watkins, in an earlier statement posted by the Ministry, gave the assurance that immediate action would be taken once a complaint is made, as well as follow-up and support in a confidential manner.

This initiative is open to every department of the Ministry across the country. Those unable to physically place a complaint form into the box at the Ministry would be able to email their concerns to Mr. Watkins’ office.

The portal is for every level of staff, including supervisors and higher management.