MMG partners with GBTI and DBL to facilitate online uploads to MMG wallets

Georgetown, GUYANA; May 11, 2020: Mobile Money Guyana (MMG) has partnered with The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited (GBTI) and Demerara Bank Limited (DBL) to provide the added convenience of online uploads to MMG wallets.

“MMG users can now load their wallets through online banking as provided by GBTI and DBL. The integration has been successfully tested and is immediately available to the benefit of our shared customers,” said Bobita Ram, General Manager of Mobile Money Guyana.

Online banking customers at GBTI and DBL can simply log on to their banking portal and select MMG as a bill payment option. “It is an easy process – the customer would first need to register their MMG account as a biller. Once the account is registered, money can be loaded directly to their MMG wallets,” Ram explained.

Through GBTI, funds would be credited to a customer’s account the next day. Via DBL, credit to MMG accounts will occur four times daily.

These two financial institutions are among the first to join MMG in supporting the increased use of electronic payments and commerce. The collaboration also adds an additional layer of security for customers through a seamless and cashless bank to wallet facility.

“Electronic payment facilities, including the MMG wallet itself, is no longer the future, it is the present. Now, and especially during a time of pandemic, electronic solutions are vital to our health and safety – it encourages and facilitates mobile payments without the need to physically come to an institution,” noted Deborah Sugrim, Chief Operating Manager at DBL.

“Electronic payment facilities also play a key role in keeping the wheels of our economy turning – and it provides absolute ease of use to our customers through a very secure exchange. It is our pleasure to join with MMG in providing customers with payment options that support our existing reality of limiting movement. We are in this together – and partnerships such as these are a testimony of corporate Guyana collaborating for the benefit of all,” added Pamela Binda, GBTI’s Public Relations and Marketing Manager.

The MMG team is working on establishing relationships with other banks to provide its users with a wider range of online options for continued and exceptional ease of use, including adding the option to load wallets via ATM machines in the coming weeks.