MoE condemns attacks on its Officers by Opposition MPs

The Ministry of Education strongly rejects the statements made by Opposition Member of Parliament Ms. Catherine Hughes directed to a senior officer within the Ministry, Ms. Anieshaw Mohamed, Head of the Guyana Learning Channel. These statements were made during Mrs. Hughes budget 2023 presentation in the National Assembly on Friday, January 27, 2023.

Mrs. Hughes tried to tarnish the reputation of Ms. Mohamed by stating that Ms. Mohamed was employed to Head the Learning Channel because she is related to the Honourable Minister of Education. This could not have been further from the truth. Ms. Mohamed and Minister Manickchand are not related in any way. This untruth told by the Opposition Member of Parliament should be rejected fully. It was a cowardly act to attack a professional public servant. A woman who is making significant changes in the education sector.

Since assuming the leadership of the Learning Channel in 2020, the GLC has been transformed in every aspect and is now able to better serve children, teachers and the general public.

The GLC which was struggling from 2015 to August 2020 with one channel now has six channels dedicated to broadcasting educational content being used by learners and teachers. Approximately 85% of hinterland communities have access to the GLC with the installation of televisions and solar systems within those communities. By the end of the first quarter in 2023, there will be 100% access.

All these interventions including shows aimed at making learning fun and entertaining were critical especially in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when remote learning was necessary due to school closures.

The GLC has never been in a better position to push the distance learning agenda for the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education also rejects the attack on its Chief Planning Officer, Mrs Nicola Warrina-Johnson by another Opposition MP Mrs Natasha Singh-Lewis in a television program run by said MP.

Mrs Warrina-Johnson is amongst the most qualified planners in the Caribbean and her services are coveted internationally. Guyana is lucky to have her. She has dedicated her life in service to the Guyanese people and has declined many lucrative offers because she believes in building her country. She is responsible for planning in a dynamic sector for many years now. She is current with education trends internationally and plans for needs as they arise and as they are predicted. Mrs Warrina-Johnson collaborates closely, on the Honourable Minister’s behalf, with International Development Partners and other agencies to implement the Ministry’s program.

The Opposition is cautioned not to involve officers in their political attacks. Surely that can be managed by those we have entrusted with the nation’s law-making.

The Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly is strongly urged to protect the reputation of persons who are outside of the House with absolute vigor when Members of Parliament abuse their privilege and try to bring the reputation of committed, hard-working and patriotic public servants.

The Ministry reiterates that the statements made by Ms. Hughes and Mrs. Natasha Singh-Lewis should be rejected by all and that we continue to support our officers in the execution of their duties to improve the education sector which will only lead to the improved lives of all Guyanese.