Mon Repos\La Reconnaissance NDC witnessing significant development

Several villages under the jurisdiction of the Mon Repos\La Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), East Coast Demerara, are witnessing substantial development as a result of government investments.

Major projects in the housing, health, and security sectors are among the initiatives transforming the landscape of these and other villages along the East Coast corridor.

The Mon Repos\La Reconnaissance overseer of projects, Parmishram Ramkisson during an interview with DPI

Parishram Ramkisson, the overseer of projects for the NDC, highlighted in an interview on Monday that the council has been actively engaging with government ministries to explore further opportunities for the area’s residents.

One of the flagship projects is the development of new housing developments within the NDC’s boundaries.

“Presently, our NDC is a great benefactor of a massive housing development in the areas of Good Hope, Mon Repos, Lusignan, and the Two Friends area. In these places, several new housing schemes are being established,” the overseer stated.

Thousands of Guyanese have been allocated house lots in these areas, which also include commercial zones and other amenities.

An overview of the section of the housing scheme that is being developed at Annandale, East Coast Demerara

With the establishment of these new communities, the Mon Repos\La Reconnaissance area is poised to have one of the largest housing schemes along the East Coast corridor.

Additionally, Ramkisson disclosed that Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) approached the NDC to discuss the possibility of installing a mini water treatment plant within Lusignan village, which would significantly improve water coverage along the East Coast.

Furthermore, to enhance healthcare accessibility, a new health centre is under construction in Mon Repos. Ramkisson revealed that the facility will soon be commissioned, benefiting residents in the catchment area of the NDC.

Fencing works are still ongoing at the newly constructed health centre in Mon Repos

In terms of public safety, discussions are ongoing with the Guyana Fire Service to construct a fire station at Mon Repos Block ‘C’.

Ramkisson emphasised the importance of this initiative, highlighting the significant distance residents currently have to travel to reach the nearest fire station.

Recently, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security inaugurated a Hope and Justice Centre in Lusignan, providing essential support and counselling services to individuals in need.

Additionally, several police outposts are in the process of being constructed to ensure the safety of residents.