MoPH advises parents, teachers as students set to return June 15

DPI, Guyana, Friday, June 12, 2020

The Ministry of Public has advised the parents and guardians of examination students returning to school as well as teachers and auxiliary staff how to protect themselves from possible transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Students will be returning to prepare for the National Grade Six examinations, slated for July 1 and 2, 2020, while teachers and auxiliary returned on June 8.

Chief Medical Officer of the Public Health Ministry, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud advised parents to carefully explain the health protocols to their children and why they must be adhered to.

“You must have the conversation with your young ones about the health guidelines that must be followed during the time they will be at school so that they can be safe from contracting the coronavirus disease,” the CMO said.

He recommended that children be shown how to correctly don and remove a face mask.

“It is important that children know that they must not to touch the front of the mask and use the straps to remove it when eating or drinking. Let them take a plastic or zip lock bag and place the mask there until after eating. You can give them an extra mask, just in case the one they are wearing falls or becomes soiled,” Dr. Persaud counselled.

Parents were also advised to provide their children with hand sanitizers or alcohol-based wipes and remind them to frequently wash their hands especially after eating or using the washroom and to practise physical distancing to protect themselves and their friends.

The CMO called on parents and guardians to provide the necessary mental support since the students will be dealing with both the challenge of preparing for the examination while adjusting to a new situation at school because of the virus.

Meanwhile, it was highlighted that the auxiliary staff will be required to ensure that the washroom facilities are kept in a proper hygienic condition, ensure clean water is available for hand washing and toilet flushing.

While teachers are to reinforce the health guidelines and to remember that the students will be looking to them for guidance during this period.

The Ministry of Public Health thanked teachers for responding to the call during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist in preparing the nation’s children for this important exam.