Moraikobai gets new boat, engine to boost village’s tourism

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) on Friday handed over a boat along with a 25-horsepower engine valued at over $15 million to the Moraikobai Tourism Committee to expand tourism activities in the Region Five community.

Several beneficiaries expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce for providing resources through the GTA to enhance touring events there.

Gavin Jacobs told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that he is grateful for the new river taxi which will help to transport more visitors to the area.

“We had lobbied a long time for it and now it has been fulfilled. This was one of the objectives that was keeping tourists from getting in and now it has been fulfilled,” Jacobs stated.

Another resident Garfield John stressed the future impact that the boat will provide for the community.

“I am quite sure that this would make tourism in our village more successful, more exciting and I do hope that with our transportation service now, it would benefit the community when it comes to financial assistance and development,” John explained.

Also excited about the new development, Village Toshao, Derrick John, expressed his gratitude for the new improvement.

“I want to say a big thank you to GTA for answering the call. I think that this will now give Moraikobai Tourism Group something that we can be able to utilise to not only provide a service, but it will also be able to generate income…it will give clients the comfort of travelling,” the toshao told DPI.

He said before receiving the boat, the tourism group was faced with difficulties in transporting tourists to the area. Now, those who are desirous of travelling there are guaranteed comfort and safety.

“I appreciate the design of the boat because of the extreme weather pattern that we are presently faced with and most of the boats that we have do not have shed and so this adds something that will now be able to bring more comfort,” John emphasised. Moraikobai remains a cultural and tapestry tourism destination where you can experience bird watching, cassava processing, and a destination stay at the Ubudi Eco Lodge.