“More applications for extension of stay in 2019” – Head of Immigration and Support Services

– foreign investors and visitors urged to apply for their extension of stay early

– immigration sector to pardon emergencies upon entry into Guyana

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, June 12, 2019

In a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Head of Immigration and Support Services attached to the Ministry of Presidency, Carol Lewis-Primo mentioned that there is an increase in the number of ‘extension of stay’ applications by foreign investors and visitors for this year.

Head of Immigration and Support Services, attached to the Ministry of Citizenship, Carol Lewis-Primo.

She added that the increase is a positive sign that Guyana is getting more visitors and that the business sector is booming. However, she stressed the importance of persons entering Guyana for business purposes, applying for their extension of stay early, in keeping with the immigration laws of Guyana.

“We have a one-month processing period, and persons would wait until a month, some of these nationals would be here and their time would expire in two months, I want to say do not wait until you reach a month to apply. Last year, the Immigration Department did not have the amount of applications as of this year – so you can imagine the volume of work,” Lewis-Carol mentioned.

She explained that visitors who have an urgency for staying in Guyana must write to the Head of Immigration, stating what the reason of stay is and they would be pardoned. “The Department of Citizenship is conscious of what is going on in our country, and there must be proper sensitisation on the regulations when applying for the relevant documents when entering the country.”

The cost of an Employment Visa is $28,700 per person, Business and Employment or Student’s Visa $ 28,700 and the Visitor’s Visa is $5,125.

For persons who are not fully aware of how to apply for their relevant Visitor’s Visa or extension of stay, contact can be made on telephone numbers: 226-2221, 223-7867 or 223- 5210 or email carol.lewisprimo@doc.gov.gy.

Images: Abike Barker