More discrepancies found in District Three recount

DPI, Guyana, Friday, May 8, 2020

The APNU+AFC, counting agent for Region Three, Ganesh Mahipaul said his workstation has again unearthed discrepancies in ballot boxes from Region Three, which are currently under review in the ongoing national recount of the March 2, 2020 polls.

Taking a break from his duty at workstation five today, Mahipaul reported some interesting findings in the first ballot box brought to his station this morning.


APNU+AFC, counting agent for Region Three, Ganesh Mahipaul

When the contents of that box were emptied, there was no Official List of Electors (OLE) or pink slip. There were also unused seals that were supposed to have been used during and after the process at the polling places.

The absence of the OLE forced the discontinuation of the count. The box was resealed and returned to the container, he told the media.

“So it begs the question as to what really went on at that polling station, but we could not continue with that count because there was no OLE. I stood alone objecting on the basis that when you have that pink list, you can count the number of persons that are expected to vote. The list also tells us for Region Three how many ballot papers were issued to that ballot box because I know that GECOM issued to Region Three names on the pink list.”

He said unless the reconciliation was done, there could not be a fair, credible, transparent count of the box.

“I am happy that a decision was taken to put back the content in the box, reseal it and put on our seals and taken back to the container and another box brought.”

He described as “unfortunate” efforts by PPP representatives, to continue the counting, despite the anomalies.

The second box that was brought to the station had a series of PE’s missing and also leaves one to wonder what went on at that polling place.

The agents were however advised to proceed with the counting and make notes of the objections.

Mahipaul said it is unfortunate that the PPP representatives are not objecting to these major discrepancies. He said his party stands alone against ten other persons, however, “once you are solid with your facts and are capable of doing it, you will be heard.”

“When you talk about accountability, transparency and credibility, that doesn’t come half or quarter tank full. When you talk about transparency, you have to do it from start to finish to capture everything,” he underscored.