More training for police officers – 140 complete capacity building exercise

─ the focus now will be to build on public relations

─ participants were drawn from seven divisional branches across the country

 DPI, Guyana, Thursday, July 25, 2019

One-hundred-and-forty officers from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) recently completed capacity training courses. Participants for the various training exercises were drawn from the seven divisional branches across the country.

Assistant Commissioner and Force Training Officer, Clifton Hicken [third from left] with other senior officers of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the graduates from the training course.

The courses included Station Management, Newly Promoted Subordinate Officers’ Course, Special Constables Training and the Drill Instructors Course.

At the closing ceremony held at the GPF Officers’ Training Centre, Assistant Commissioner and Force Training Officer, Clifton Hicken described the graduates as the future of the force. The Assistant Commissioner said the capacity building exercise would ensure they bring a more dynamic approach to their policing with professionalism being the hallmark.

“It is necessary as the environment demands a change in attitude, we identify courses that are necessary to develop capacity within the Guyana Police Force… therefore when we are building capacity as the Guyana Police Force it is not per section or division, we are doing it across the spectrum,” the Assistant Commissioner stated.

With the skills and knowledge garnered from the various training courses, the Assistant Commissioner said the focus will be on building bridges with members of the public. However, for that to be achieved, it was highlighted that the capacity building programmes would have to be ongoing.

He said, “for us to achieve our objective as an organisation, these courses will have to be continuous. We are anticipating that by the end of the year, we see evidence of this new phenomenon in other divisions and branches resulting in positive interactions between members of the public and officers of the force, stemming from this type of training.”