MV Kanawan returns to servicing the Supenaam-Parika route

The Management of the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) wishes to advise the travelling public that the MV Kanawan has returned to the waters and its daily Supenaam-Parika scheduled route.

The vessel began operating on Saturday last, after a month of docking rehabilitation.  

With its return, the daily Supenaam-Parika schedule remains in place with departure time (from Supenaam) at 05:00 AM.

The vessel will continue on a TOUCH AND GO basis throughout the day depending on the traffic and tide.

The MV Kanawan will be supported by the MV Malali, this is due to the MV Sabanto proceeding to the dockyard for rehabilitation, as of Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Docking and rehabilitation will take approximately one month.  

The management of T&HD would like to thank the travelling public for their patience, as the agency works to ensure all vessels on its fleet are sea-worthy.