MV Malali to assist MV Sabanto on Parika/Supenaam route next week

In the coming week, persons traveling the Parika/Supenaam route will benefit from the addition of the MV Malali, which will assist the MV Sabanto. 

MV Sabanto

At present, the MV Sabanto is the lone vessel that services the Parika/Supenaam route after the MV Kanawan was placed into dry dock for maintenance for five weeks since June 1.

This was disclosed by General Manager of the Transport and Harbours Department, Marcelene Merchant.

The addition of the vessel will ensure the smooth movement of people and goods, especially that of farmers who depend on the vessel to support their livelihood.

 It is also a commitment made by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, who had assured that as the need arises, systems will be put in place to assist the MV Sabanto.

“The five o’clock schedule will be kept and the boat will be moving up and down the river in what is called a touch and go manner… should there be required additional support, we will have to use one of the side docking vessels either the MV Malali or the MV Makouria, especially to help with trucks and people if they are moving paddy or other heavy crops, one of those vessels would also be assisting,” the Minister had stated back in May.

Nevertheless, the MV Sabanto has been making regular round trips with the first departure being at 05:00am and the final trip at 07:30pm the latest. However, on a few occasions, the MV Sabanto departed at 09:00pm and after midnight to ensure persons and businesses were not affected by the modified operations, a release from the Transport and Habours Department stated.