Nandlall supports AG Williams’ arguments in court

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– hearing continues in Court of Appeal

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Today saw the continuation of arguments presented before Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag), Yonette Cummings-Edwards and Appellate Judges Rishi Persaud and Dawn Gregory. The arguments surrounded the application filed by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams SC., for an interim stay and a Conservatory Order preserving the status quo ante [current state of affairs]. This application was filed following the January 31 ruling by the Chief Justice (ag), Roxane George regarding the constitutionality of the December 21, 2018 vote.

Today’s proceedings took an interesting twist when Attorney-at-law Anil Nandlall, in his arguments, agreed with Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil William’s position that the government cannot hold elections. This was made clear by the Attorney General following the close of today’s proceedings.

“I don’t know if it slipped you, but I’m happy that Mr. Nandlall has agreed with me that government cannot hold elections, that is to be undertaken by GECOM, so that’s a very important admission.”

Nandlall’s arguments went on for well over an hour, often  straying off point, forcing the acting Chancellor of the Judiciary to constantly request that he refocus.

The Attorney General vs The Speaker of the National Assembly and Opposition Leader’s case will hear more arguments tomorrow at the Court of Appeal.

Images: Tajpaul Bridgemohan