National 2020 Budget caters for success of all Guyanese

–  Amerindian peoples set to benefit

MP Pearson-Fredericks

Member of Parliament, Hon. Yvonne Fredericks-Pearson, says the 2020 Budget will ensure prosperity for all Guyanese, including the nation’s First Peoples.

The Government MP said history was made on September 1, when Mr. Lenox Shuman became the first person of Amerindian descent to be elected Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.  

MP Fredericks-Pearson said that while she agrees with some of the points made by Opposition Member of Parliament, Mr. Ronald Cox, initiatives such as school feeding, educational and public works programme existed before 2015.

“We (Government) will not forget about it, we will try to do better and we will do better because it’s our aim – the People’s Progressive Party Civic is a Government for everyone and the Amerindian peoples is an important part of this population,” she said.

M.P. Fredericks-Pearson added that programmes like Hinterland Employment and Youth Service (HEYS) introduced by the APNU+AFC Administration to replace the Hinterland Community Support Officers (CSO) and deemed successful were, in fact, failures.

This includes promises to resolve land titling and demarcation in the Amerindian villages, which the former Administration fail to do.

The MP said the PPP/C Administration has laid the foundation to improve the lives of all Guyanese and while they “cannot perform miracles,” promises made will be kept.

“This year’s budget caters for forestry, mining, agriculture and reduction and removal of VAT and so it must know that we (Amerindian people) are involved in forestry, mining, agriculture so we will not only benefit for the cash grant and other mentions but we will even benefit from employment from the private sector,” she said.