National Ophthalmology Hospital continues to make a difference

The National Ophthalmology Hospital in Port Mourant, Region Six, continues to make significant strides to preserve the vision of many, with at least 10 surgeries being done daily.

Region Six Chairman, David Armogan told DPI that this vital health facility has been able to operate at fully capacity in 2021, with numerous persons across the country having benefitted from the services offered.

Region Six Regional Chairman David Armogan

Since its establishment in 2009 under the Guyana/Cuba collaboration programme, the Ophthalmology Hospital has been offering specialised eye care, including surgeries for cataract and other ailments. 

Armogan noted that since the resumption of services on February 13, staff attached to the medical facility have been working assiduously to clear the backlog of cases that had amassed over the years.

“About two to three months ago, we started back conducting surgeries. In fact, people from outside of this region, and even some of the Amerindian villages were sent to do their surgery here, as well, and those surgeries have been all successful,” Armogan said.

The facility’s restoration has definitely lessened the cost to persons suffering from eye conditions as it did in the past, according to the Armogan. He explained that after the hospital ceased its operations due to a suspected electrical fire in 2014, residents were forced to attend private medical facilities for such services.

“Before this hospital reopened, our people in this Region suffered because many of them could not afford to pay over $70,000 to go to private facilities to get necessary eye care and so, I am glad that the hospital is up and running to provide a great service to them.”

Since assuming office in August 2020, Government has spent millions of dollars to rehabilitate the hospital.  It also helps the Ministry of Health’s vision to reduce eye diseases by 2030.