Nationwide safety, health sensitisation campaigns ongoing

The Ministry of Labour has conducted multiple awareness campaigns on standard safety and health protocols as part of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) month in Regions Three, Four, Five, and Seven targeting several companies and businesses.

As a result, several female farmers in Region Three were engaged in a two-hour seminar that focused on the fundamentals of OSH. The forum covered topics including pesticide handling and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Female farmers of Region Three

Construction workers of B & J Civil Works along the East Coast Demerara also participated in a session that dealt with policies in a construction firm.

Employees of B&J Civil Works

Meanwhile, booths were set up in Region Five at the Mahaicony Junction, Rosignol Market and Bath Experiment, West Coast Berbice, respectively.

Ministry of Labour’s sensitisation booth in Mahaicony

Residents there learnt about the Labour Act and OSH, Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) and Co-operative Societies.

Other topics discussed included national minimum wage, workers’ rights, annual leave, safety and health requirements in the workplace and information on the National Job Bank Website.

Several companies in Region Seven also benefitted from lectures conducted by representatives of the ministry.

Comprehensive inspections were done at Vaitarna Holdings Private Incorporated and Toolsie Persaud Quarries Incorporated.

Workers of Toolsie Persaud participating in the sensitisation exercise

Both companies were taught about child labour and how to determine the level of compliance to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

Similarly, extensive inspections were conducted at Durban, Baracara, and BK Quarries Incorporated to verify their degree of compliance.

Among the topics discussed were payment of overtime rates, specifically on Sundays and public holidays, and payment of annual leave.

OSH month is themed, ‘A Safe and Healthy Working Environment is a Fundamental Principle and Right at Work.’